After weeks of campaigning, the election is now upon us. Question is which seats should you stay up for tonight? Here is your short guide to the important seats in this year’s election.

NUNEATON – 01:00

A key seat for a Labour to win tonight. If Labour don’t achieve the 2.3% swing to take Nuneaton from the Tories, Miliband is in for a bad night…

STAFFORD – 03:00

If Labour win here, they will be set to be the largest party on May 8th. Roughly 5,500 votes are required to turn the seat red.

THURROCK – 03:00

Could this be the first UKIP gain of the night? Labour remain confident about winning the seat the Tories won by only 92 votes last time, but UKIP have been polling well here…


Nicky Morgan could be the most high profile Tory casualty of election night here. Labour will be very keen to retake this seat after losing it in 2010.


A hotly contested Scottish Labour seat with only 1724 votes in it in 2010. If the SNP can get the almost 23,000 votes required to win this seat, it will be a clear sign that they will do very well in Scotland tonight.


The only Green seat in the country, which Labour is keen to take. However, will Caroline Lucas’ personal popularity prevent success for Labour here?


Possibly the biggest political gamble of the night. Nigel Farage’s political career and the future of UKIP on the line here after Farage pledged to step down if he fails to win. Polls are mixed…

Whether you decide to stay up tonight or get an early night this evening, please make sure to vote!