Last week, I took my love affair with Apple to the next level and bought myself an Apple Watch.

I had thought that a smartwatch wouldn’t serve much purpose, but I can honestly say that, after the last few days, I have found the Apple Watch incredibly useful.

The activity monitor has helped make keeping active into more of a game and is much more enjoyable as a result. Completing set targets gives me a sense of accomplishment after excercise.

Responding to calls and texts has never been easier. Making calls and texts with my wrist has a quite futuristic feel about it, which for someone who loves new technology is really exciting.

Apps made specifically for the watch, such as BBC News, weather and Twitter, are also really useful; checking the latest news, Tweets and my emails is now much easier on the go.

The customisable watch faces provide a nice personal touch to the device and I have enjoyed experimenting with different styles, which all look very sleek and professional.

However, I have encountered some problems; the watch does have a tendency to glitch sometimes when I raise my wrist and I sometimes find that the music app on the watch doesn’t often connect with my iPhone.

On the whole, I’ve enjoyed my first week with the Apple Watch and I imagine it will become a vital part of my day to day life.