Apple’s latest conference takes place tomorrow and everyone is anticipating the launch of a new generation of iPhones. But what else may be announced, and what can we expect from the iPhone 6S (as it may be called)?

iPhone 6S

The announcement of a new iPhone is almost a dead cert for tomorrow’s conference. What we are most likely to see is an updated version of the current generation, without too much change to the current design. Rumours that have been circulating widely are the introduction of Force Touch, the ability to take 4K video and photos, and a new faster A9 processor chip. Apple are also expected to change the type of case used, to prevent a repeat of ‘Bendgate’.


New iPhones aren’t the only new products expected tomorrow – with a new Apple TV also on the cards. Being over 1,000 days since the last update, expect big changes for Apple TV, with potentially a new touch-based controller, improved graphics and a new App Store. Set-top box content has also been rumoured, but may be postponed until next year. A range of colours, similar to that of the iPhone range, may also be available.

iPad PRO

Rumours of a new 12″ iPad have been circulating for some time and, although it is not anticipated, Apple may choose to announce the so-called iPad Pro at its conference tomorrow. If it does, don’t expect an immediate release; it has been speculated that production may start this month to be available for general sale in November. In a move to rival the Microsoft Surface and appeal to the enterprise market, features are anticipated to include an optional stylus accessory, USB 3.0 ports, multitasking functionality (as featured in the latest iPad Air) and possibly even a 4K screen. Although a high quality front-facing camera is almost certain for such a device, the iPad Pro (or iPad Air Plus) will likely not feature a rear facing camera due to its large size. However, what it lacks in this department may be made up for through Touch ID and the possible inclusion of Force Touch.


What will almost certainly be announced tomorrow will be the launch dates for iOS9, watchOS 2 and the latest version of OS X, El Capitan. As most of the features have already been shown off at previous conferences, don’t expect a lot of time dedicated to this. Apple has been known to release their latest OS updates within 24 hours of their conference, and the same can be assumed for tomorrow.
Apple’s latest WWDC is broadcast live here from 1800 BST (1000 PDT) tomorrow.