Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning British monarch in history today – here are ten facts you may not have known about Her Majesty.

1 – Elizabeth II is the 40th monarch to rule over England since William the Conqueror obtained the Crown in 1066

2 – Since becoming queen in 1952, she has presided over 12 Prime Ministers and made 82 state visits

3 – The Queen’s birthday is the 21st April, but is celebrated officially in June

4 – She has given royal assent to over 3,500 Acts of Parliament since becoming queen.

5 – Elizabeth II is head of state for 16 different countries, including Canada, The Bahamas and Papua New Guinea

6 – The Royal Household as a whole costs £40 million every year, which is provided through the Sovereign Grant

7 – Elizabeth II is only the second monarch in British history to have celebrated a Diamond Jubilee, the first being Queen Victoria in 1897.