Yesterday, the Government chose to pass, almost under the radar, a bill which will affect the lives of thousands of people and destroy acres of England’s ‘green and pleasant land’. The decision to allow fracking in some of our most prized and precious landscapes comes just a week after they praised a historic deal in Paris on climate change and after promises that such a move would be banned if the Tories were re-elected.

It is now safe to say, as if anyone needed any more proof, that the Tories are willing to say anything to win votes, and will happily throw all their promises into the bonfire once in office. They have proved, once more, that their only motivation is profit.

We cannot and should not trust anything these hypocrites say when it comes to protecting our environment. How can they when they praise efforts to cut carbon emissions whilst cutting funding to renewables and fuelling the fossil fuel industry? 

Seeing as Cameron would not allow a debate on this, and have shown what Tim Farron has described as a ‘complete lack of regard for protecting some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK and its wildlife’, it is clear it is up to us to fight fracking.

Our MPs can’t be trusted to stand up to protect our environment, so we must do so ourselves. As a nation, we need to stand up and say NO to this threat to our wildlife wherever and whenever they try and carry this dangerous process.

The Governmebt may think they have won the battle over fracking, but the reality is it is only just beginning…