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After 52 hours, the occupation of the conference centre at Bramber House has come to an end – here is a timeline of the events that took place…

Day One: Wednesday 9th March

  • 2:10pm – Rally takes place in support of Luqman Onikosi, a student who faces deportation where he could die from Hepatitis B
  • 2:20pm – Rally leaves Library Square and begins march
  • 2:22pm – A group of roughly 50 students storm Bramber House with banners and occupy the conference centre on the third floor after scuffles erupt with security
  • 2:40pm – Protesters gain access to the balcony of Bramber House and display banners
  • 2:55pm – Students gather at the bottom of the building as Mr Onikosi addresses the occupiers, who call upon supporters to bring supplies
  • Late afternoon – Protesters begin using a bag attached to rope to hoist supplies from the ground as security will not let others enter the conference centre
  • 5:20pm – Statement by the occupiers released on social media calling for the University to publicly oppose the Home Office’s attempt to deport him. A demonstration is announced at 1pm the following day
  • 8:00pm – The Students’ Union issue a statement of support on their website, saying “We support students’ calls for Luqman to be allowed to remain in this country.”
  • 9:00pm – Care2 petition set up, demanding the University support Mr Onikosi (as of March 11th, it has over 20,000 signatures)
  • Evening – Students sleep with blankets provided by supporters of cause

Day Two – Thursday 10th

  • 7:00am – Dawn breaks on the second day of occupation, with protesters eating porridge donated by fellow students
  • Morning – petitions are set up calling for free access in and out of the conference centre and for the case for Mr Onikosi’s deportation to be dropped
  • 1:00pm – Demonstration outside Bramber House begins, with music set up outside the building. More than 100 people attend the rally chanting slogans. Shortly after, a signal is given and 30 more students storm the building through a back entrance and join the occupation.
  • 4:00pm – RT reporters head to campus to cover the occupation, the first TV coverage of the Bramber House occupation
  • 4:50pm – Reports received that the University of Sussex is in the process of taking out an injunction against the students occupying Bramber House. A court hearing is due to take place at 10am the following day
  • 5:00pm – A further demonstration is announced, due to take place the following day at 1pm
  • 6:00pm – Protesters meet with Pro Vice-Chancellor Claire Mackie for negotiations
  • 7:00pm – Students occupy a greater portion of the Conference Centre, including a kitchen

Day Three – Friday 11th

  • 1:00am – Occupying students claim that security ‘deliberately [scared them] by banging on doors and laughing; students hold their ground and watch documentaries on Netflix overnight
  • 10:00am – University of Sussex arrives for court hearing against occupation; there will be no representation for the protesting students
  • 1:00pm – Second demonstration outside Bramber House takes place, with 100 students calling for the University to support Mr Onikosi
  • 1:30pm – Students and security enter tense standoff at side entrance of Bramber a House, with roughly 30 students eventually able to open the doors and join the occupation
  • 5:20pm – After the University achieves a possession order against the occupying students, protesters choose to leave voluntarily, officially ending the occupation after 52 hours
  • 5:30pm – A team of more than 10 ‘enforcement officers’ and ‘evidence gatherers’ enter Bramber House and forcibly remove banners