• VVD remain the largest party for third election in a row despite seat losses
  • Rutte:
  • PVV denied strong breakthrough, gaining only five more seats in parliament
  • Turnout the highest for 30 years
  • GroenLinks triumphs, gaining 10 seats, whilst Labour collapses from 38 seats to nine in their worst election ever

Prime Minister and VVD leader Mark Rutte has said that the Dutch people have rejected the ‘wrong type of populism’ after the far-right PVV were denied a political earthquake in elections yesterday. Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom came second to the governing party, winning 20 seats in parliament; far away from the 30 that some polls had predicted just a few months ago.

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Despite initial reports, the PVV did not lead in Rotterdam, but despite this leader Geert Wilders praised the result and suggested that the mainstream media was out to pour water on their election success. However, it should also be noted that the PVV were the only party not to have a post-election party after the polls closed.

^ Above: We were the third party in the Netherlands. We are now the second party in the Netherlands. And next time we’ll be number 1!

Meanwhile, the left-wing green party GroenLinks is celebrating a meteoric rise, after more than tripling their number of seats in the House of Representatives. The party also came first in Amsterdam and Nijmegen, both solidly Labour in the last election.

Among the other victors of the election were the CDA and D66, who gained six and seven seats respectively.

However, the election was a disaster for Labour, one of the governing coalition parties, who lost more than two-thirds of their support. Labour saw support in areas they have held in Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe evaporate and their total seats were slashed from 38 to only nine.

Results from the Dutch election have been trickling in since polls closed at 8pm (9pm local) last night. With all the results now announced, here are where the parties stand:

  • VVD (centre-right): 21.3%, 33 seats (-5.2%, -8 seats)
  • PVV (far-right): 13.1%, 20 seats (+3.0%, +5 seats)
  • CDA (centre): 12.5%, 19 seats (+4.0%, +6 seats)
  • D66 (centre): 12.0%, 19 seats (+4.0%, +7 seats)
  • SP (left): 9.2%, 14 seats (-0.5%, -1 seat)
  • GL (centre-left): 8.9%, 14 seats (+6.6%, +10 seats)
  • PvdA (centre-left): 5.7%, 9 seats (-19.1%, -29 seats)
  • CU (centre): 3.4%, 5 seats (+0.3%, +/-0 seats)
  • PvdD (left): 3.1%, 5 seats (+1.2%, +3 seats)
  • 50PLUS (centre): 3.1%, 4 seats (+1.2%, +2 seats)
  • SGP (right): 2.1%, 3 seats (+/-0.0%, +/-0 seats)
  • DENK (centre): 2.0%, 3 seats (NEW)
  • FvD (right): 1.8%, 2 seats (NEW)
  • VNL (right): 0.4%, 0 seats (NEW)
  • PP (centre): 0.3%, 0 seats (+/-0.0%, +/-0 seats)