Brighton is the happiest place in England for students to study, according to a recent survey.

Accommodation provider Sodexo found that 93% of students in Brighton were satisfied with their education and time in the city.

Brighton placed second nationally, narrowly behind Belfast, where 94% of students are happy with their course and location.


A spokesperson for the University of Sussex praised the news and said: “As a city, Brighton provides a fantastic experience for students. It is welcoming, culturally diverse and famous for its vibrant nightlife.”

They added: “We believe that student happiness is in some part due to the role that they play in the local community. In Brighton, we are lucky to be part of a vibrant mix of communities and cultures and we care about the role that Sussex students play within this.”

The survey also found that having a good impression of a university from open days is an important factor for prospective students, with 46% ranking it as a major non-academic reason behind picking their university.

However, a spokesperson for Sussex’s Students’ Union cast doubt on the validity of the results, pointing out that only nine students from Sussex University completed the survey.

Other universities featuring in the top 10 were Coventry, Swansea and Bristol. Despite being home to one of the best universities in the world, students in Oxford were the unhappiest in the survey, with one in five students regretting enrolling at the city’s universities.

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