The Moderate Party and Sweden Democrats are in a close race for the position of largest opposition party, polls suggest.

An exit poll by Sifo suggests that the Sweden Democrats may have come third by around two percent to the centre-right Moderates, whilst another poll by SVT suggest that the extremist party will become the opposition party, beating the Moderates by around a percentage point.

Both exit polls suggest a bruising night for the Social Democrats, who are on track to get their worst electoral result since 1908.

SVT also suggest that the Green Party may only just return to the Riksdag, with the exit poll putting them on 4.2%. Sweden has a 4% threshold to enter parliament.

Both exit polls also suggest gains for the Centre Party, the Left Party and the Christian Democrats.

SVT’s poll suggests that the centre-left and centre-right coalitions will have roughly the same number of seats, both short of an overall majority by roughly 35 seats.


More to follow.