Photo: Raul Mee

Just hours after she addressed the press at Number 10, saying that her Cabinet had agreed on an exit arrangement with the European Union, her Brexit Secretary Dominic Rabb has resigned and likely sunk the prospect of a deal.

With Brexiteers and Remainers in her own party voicing their intent to vote against the deal, along with the DUP, it is almost certain that it would face defeat in parliament.

We have had almost a year of negotiation to get to this point and, based on the text of the deal, it would seem that May has unable to even protect her ‘red lines’, most notably that Northern Ireland would not be treated differently to the rest of the United Kingdom.

As a result, the country is now on course for a no deal Brexit, which will be catastrophic for the country. May was walking on thin ice ever since her election humiliation last year, and this should be the final nail in the coffin.

She has put her political life on the line to secure this deal and, knowing that she can’t get it to pass, she should do the right thing and resign.