It’s all a bit of a mess, isn’t it?!

We are just over three months away from when we are due to leave the European Union and we still have no clear idea of what the country will be like the day after. No one knows whether the deal that our Prime Minister has negotiated will get through, whether we could end up with a softer Brexit, end up with no deal, or perhaps call the whole thing off with a ‘People’s Vote’.

Whatever arrangement you may prefer doesn’t matter, because there isn’t a majority for anything in Parliament – other than disunity. Whilst the country faces the biggest constitutional crisis since the Second World War, both the government and the opposition are riven with infighting and still debating what should actually happen as the clock runs out.

I was on a train to London this week and I overheard a conversation from someone who said they had lived in London for almost four decades and worked hard in this country, but were now seriously considering leaving and returning back home. This is what Brexit and our approach to it has done; not only have we created a vast divide in the country, but we have also alienated our European partners and created uncertainty and fear around their future.

What’s worse is that Brexiteers bounce off any criticism of their Frankenstein’s monster that is no deal with claims of ‘fake news’ and glorifying the days when Britain stood alone in the world (those days being the war and the Blitz – not sure if that what future generations want…).

There aren’t any simple answers for any of this but what should be abundantly clear by now, as if it needed saying, is that breaking up a 45 year long marriage is hard to do and, like with any divorce, it is painful and comes at a price.