Image: Tiocfaidh ár lá 1916 – Flickr

In Parliament this afternoon, Theresa May announced her much anticipated ‘Plan B’ for Brexit after the catastrophic failure last week, when her deal faced a landslide defeat in a vote of MPs. Having dodged a vote of no confidence and reached out to opposition parties of all colours, what would May have to offer to ensure that a no deal Brexit is avoided?

Short answer, nothing.

MPs felt as if they had walked into Groundhog Day as the Prime Minister repeated the same plan that had been put to them only six days ago. Barely anything has changed and nothing substantial has been offered to the 230 MPs that voted against her deal.

She intends to go back to the European Union to try and either gain clarifications on the backstop or find an alternative arrangement, something that the EU has repeatedly ruled out. Attempts to change or get clarity on the backstop have all previously failed, and yet May insists on doubling down on a strategy that isn’t working. And yet she claims to be taking a more ‘flexible, open and inclusive approach! Nothing is further from the truth.

The government under Theresa May has run out of ideas and is inflexible to look at the other options to prevent Brexit from being a complete comedy of errors and to break the deadlock.

This latest ‘change’ to her approach won’t work and is only wasting time, and with May ruling out an extension to Article 50, it is time we don’t realistically have.

A wise person once remarked that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. It now seems like the leadership of our country has been driven to madness over Brexit.