Parliament votes downs Brexit alternatives

Parliament has voted against all proposed alternative plans for Brexit in a series of votes today.

Eight different proposals, ranging from revoking Article 50 to a no deal Brexit, were put to MPs in a vote today but were rejected by majorities ranging from eight to over 300.

Two proposals, a customs union with the European Union and a ratification referendum on any deal, got more support by the House of Commons than the Prime Minister’s deal in the last meaningful vote on March 12. This got the support of 242 MPs, with 391 voting against.

The customs union saw support 264 MPs, but was rejected by 272. The ratification referendum proposal receiving backing from 268 MPs and was rejected by 295.

Amongst the other proposals:

  • No deal was rejected by MPs by 240 votes; with 160 voting in favour and 400 against.
  • ‘Common market 2.0’ was rejected by 95; with 188 voting for and 283 against
  • EFTA and EEA membership was rejected by 312; with 65 MPs in favour and 377 against
  • Labour’s alternative plan was rejected by 70; with 237 voting in favour and 307 against.
  • Revoking Article 50 was rejected by 109; with 184 voting in favour and 293 against.
  • ‘Malthouse compromise’ was rejected by 283; with 139 in favour and 422 against.

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