Elections for all 54 seats on the local council in Brighton and Hove take place on May 2nd. Six different parties are contesting the election this year, as well as a number of independent candidates in five of the council’s 21 wards.

Labour, the Conservatives and the Greens are standing candidates in every single ward. The Liberal Democrats are standing in 18, with a total of 26 candidates. UKIP are standing 11 candidates in 10 different wards, and the Women’s Equality Party are standing two candidates in Central Hove and Hanover and Elm Grove – it is the first time they have stood for election in Brighton and Hove.

More than a third of current councillors have chosen to stand down before this election, including former Labour council leader Warren Morgan, who defected to the Independent Group in February.

Key: red: Labour, blue: Conservative, green: Green, yellow: Liberal Democrats, purple: UKIP

Brunswick and Adelaide (2 seats)

  • Green: Phélim Mac Cafferty (incumbent) and Hannah Ellen Clare
  • Labour: Joy Robinson and Darryl Telles
  • Conservative: Tricia Dearlove and Roz Rawcliffe
  • Liberal Democrats: Christian Chadwick and Duncan Moore
  • UKIP: John Gartside

Central Hove (2 seats)

  • Conservative: Steve Barrey and Rico Wojtulewicz
  • Labour: Clare Moonan (incumbent) and Gary Wilkinson
  • Green: Aditi Bhonagiri and Carol Bullock
  • Liberal Democrats: David Sears
  • UKIP: Nigel Furness
  • Women’s Equality Party: Jessie MacNeil-Brown

East Brighton (3 seats)

  • Labour: Nancy Platts (Labour), Nichole Brennan and Gill Williams
  • Conservative: Anthony Meadows, William Rudrum and George Soper
  • Green: Bryan Michael Coyle, Anna Shepherd and Paul Steedman
  • Liberal Democrats: Paul Chandler
  • Independent: David Trangmar

Goldsmid (3 seats)

  • Labour: Jackie O’Quinn (incumbent), John Allcock and Debbie Taylor
  • Green: Marianna Ebel, Raphael Hill and Steve Moses
  • Conservative: Steve Harmer-Strange, Martin Hess and Peter Revell
  • UKIP: Carl Taylor
  • Liberal Democrats: Andrew England, Clare May and Laura Mullin

Hangleton and Knoll (3 seats)

  • Conservative: Dawn Barnett (incumbent), Tony Janio (incumbent) and Nick Lewry (incumbent)
  • Labour: John Hewitt, Birgit Miller and Kevin Thomas
  • UKIP: Steven Richards
  • Green: Benedict Allbrooke, Jacqui Cuff and Lily Worfolk
  • Liberal Democrats: Leah Mooney
  • Independent: Stuart Bower
  • Independent: Henrietta Izso

Hanover and Elm Grove (3 seats)

  • Green: David Gibson (incumbent), Elaine Hills and Steph Powell
  • Labour: Emma Daniel (incumbent), Danielle Cornish-Spencer and Eleanor Humphrey
  • Conservative: Ed De Souza, Peter Goodman and Kerry Underhill
  • Liberal Democrats: Elizabeth Robinson
  • Women’s Equality Party: Beverley Barstow

Hollingdean and Stanmer (3 seats)

  • Labour: Tracey Hill (incumbent), Phillip Clarke and Theresa Fowler
  • Green: Alice Bennett, Jack Hazelgrove and Martin Osborne
  • Conservative: Gary Cohen, Tammi Cohen and Malcolm Murray
  • UKIP: Desmond Jones
  • Liberal Democrats: Keith Jago and Ashley Ridley

Hove Park (2 seats)

  • Conservative: Vanessa Brown (incumbent) and Samer Bagaeen
  • Labour: Michael Harrison and Arthur Jenner
  • Green: Iain Martin and Paul Philo
  • UKIP: Daniel Goodhand
  • Liberal Democrats: Simon Jardine and Nicholas O’Shea

Moulsecoomb and Bevendean (3 seats)

  • Labour: Daniel Yates (incumbent), Amanda Grimshaw and Kate Knight
  • Green: Mitchie Alexander, Libby Darling and Amelia Mills
  • Conservative: Anne Meadows, Martin Kenig and Robyn Simson

North Portslade (2 seats)

  • Labour: Peter Atkinson (incumbent) and Anne Pissaridou
  • Conservative: Emma Hogan and Hannah Felton
  • UKIP: Ian Harris and Patricia Mountain
  • Green: Sharon Hamlin and Alexander Sallons
  • Liberal Democrats: Elizabeth Craig

Patcham (3 seats)

  • Conservative: Carol Theobald (incumbent), Lee Wares (incumbent) and Alistair McNair
  • Labour: Renato Marques, Adam Scott and Janet Smith
  • Green: Rebecca Duffy, Janaki Jayasuriya and Geraldine Keenan

Preston Park (3 seats)

  • Labour: Julie Cattell (incumbent), Juan Baeza and Denise Friend
  • Green: Leo Littman (incumbent), Amy Heley and Siriol Hugh-Jones
  • Conservative: Susan Ellerton, Heather Newberry-Martin and Mark Watson
  • Liberal Democrats: Madelaine Hunter-Taylor

Queen’s Park (3 seats)

  • Labour: Nicholas Childs, Amanda Evans and Colin Piper
  • Green: Lucy Agace, Martin Farley and Clare Rainey
  • Conservative: Lee Farmer, James Noble and Josephine O’Carroll
  • Liberal Democrats: George Taylor
  • Independent: Adrian Hart

Regency (2 seats)

  • Green: Tom Druitt (incumbent) and Alexandra Phillips (incumbent)
  • Labour: Poppy Burt and Dan Simmonds
  • Conservative: Tim Catt and John Kapp
  • Liberal Democrats: Lawrence Eke

Rottingdean Coastal (3 seats)

  • Conservative: Mary Mears (incumbent), Joe Miller (incumbent) and David Plant
  • Labour: Jane Chetwynd-Appleton, Paul Johnson and Robert McIntosh
  • Green: Ruby Jackson-Hall, Florence Traini-Cobb and Matthew Traini-Cobb
  • Liberal Democrats: Lucy Curle and Simon Gamble
  • Independent: Bridget Fishleigh

South Portslade (2 seats)

  • Labour: Leslie Hamilton (incumbent) and Alan Robins (incumbent)
  • Conservative: Jamie Gillespie and Danielle Harmer-Strange
  • Green: Fiona Bennett and Simon Gulliver
  • UKIP: Kenneth Nightingale
  • Liberal Democrats: Marjorie Leeds and Ken Rist

St Peter’s and North Laine (3 seats)

  • Green: Lizzie Deane (incumbent), Pete West (incumbent) and Sue Shanks
  • Labour: Daniel Gray, Gabriel McCook and Maureen Winder
  • Conservative: Nick Garside, Mike Long and Linda Murray
  • Liberal Democrats: Rob Heale
  • Independent: Gerald O’Brien

Westbourne (2 seats)

  • Labour: Carmen Appich and Chris Henry
  • Conservative: Denise Cobb (incumbent) and Charlie Nicholls
  • Green: John Davidson and Christopher Hawtree
  • Liberal Democrats: Geoff Date and Hilary Ellis
  • UKIP: Robert Harding

Wish (2 seats)

  • Conservative: Robert Nemeth (incumbent) and Garry Dunn (incumbent)
  • Labour: Alex Braithwaite and Adam Imanpour
  • Green: Andrew Coleman and Alasdair Howie
  • Liberal Democrats: Al Emery
  • UKIP: Gemma Furness

Withdean (3 seats)

  • Conservative: Nick Taylor (incumbent), Tim Hodges and Steve Wade
  • Labour: Josh Guilmant, Ian McIsaac and James Thompson
  • Green: Steve Davis, Jamie Lloyd and Sarah Nield
  • Liberal Democrats: Hyder Khalil

Woodingdean (2 seats)

  • Conservative: Steve Bell (incumbent) and Dee Simson (incumbent)
  • Labour: Sunny Choudhury and David Wilson
  • Green: Cameron Hardie and Gwyneth Jones