Spain’s governing socialist party is on course to become the largest party but fall short of an overall majority, exit polls have shown.

The PSOE, led by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, are expected to win between 116 and 121 seats, up to 60 seats short of a majority in Parliament. This is up from 85 at the last election.

The opposition centre-right People’s Party have lost almost half their seats, according to the projection, with between 69 and 73 seats.

The centre Citizen’s Party are on 48-49 seats, and the left wing Podemos are expected to get 42-45.

Vox, a far-right anti-immigration party, are set to enter Parliament for the first time as the fifth largest party with between 36 and 38 seats.

Catalan nationalists are expected to win as many as 19 seats, with Basque separatists with eight.

Neither the left-wing or right-wing groupings in Parliament will have a majority without the support of some of the country’s nationalist and separatist groups.

More to follow.