The European elections on May 23rd are fast approaching and it has now been confirmed that the UK will be electing MEPs (members of the European Parliament), after it was initially thought Britain would have left the EU two months ago.

The European Parliament creates laws and approves budgets for the European Union, and is made up of elected members from all 28 member states. Currently, the European Parliament is made up of 751 MEPs, with 73 of these coming from the UK. Parties from across Europe work together in separate groups, based on ideology, to pass legislation.

EU elections have a different voting system to other elections held in the UK. In the Scotland, Wales and England, MEPs are elected using the D’Hondt method, a voting method which is more proportional than first-past-the-post.

Voters cast their ballot for a party, rather than an individual candidate, with candidates running on a party list.

This video from the BBC’s EU election coverage in 2009 explains how the D’Hondt method works.

Yorkshire and the Humber elects six of the UK’s 73 MEPs. The region covers South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire, as well as parts of North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

At the last EU election, Yorkshire and the Humber elected 2 UKIP MEPs, 2 Conservatives and 2 Labour.


Brexit Party

  1. John Longworth
  2. Lucy Elizabeth Harris
  3. Jake Pugh
  4. James Rupert Heartfield
  5. Andrew Allison
  6. Christopher Barker

Change UK

  1. Diana Wallis
  2. Juliet Lodge
  3. Sophia Bow
  4. Joshua Malkin
  5. Ros McMullen
  6. Steve Wilson

Conservative Party

  1. John Procter
  2. Amjad Bashir
  3. Michael Naughton
  4. Andrew Lee
  5. Matthew Freckleton
  6. Susan Pascoe

English Democrats

  1. David Stewart Allen
  2. Tony Stewart Allen
  3. Joanne Allen
  4. Fiona Allen

Green Party

  1. Magid Magid
  2. Alison Teal
  3. Andrew Cooper
  4. Louise Houghton
  5. Lars Kramm
  6. Ann Forsaith

Labour Party

  1. Richard Corbett
  2. Eloise Todd
  3. Mohammed Jawad Khan
  4. Jayne Allport
  5. Martin Mayer
  6. Alison Hume

Liberal Democrats

  1. Shaffaq Mohammed
  2. Rosina Robson
  3. James Blanchard
  4. Sophie Thornton
  5. James Baker
  6. Ruth Coleman-Taylor


  1. Mike Hookem
  2. Gary Shores
  3. John Hancock
  4. David Dews
  5. Graham Waddicar
  6. Cliff Parson

Yorkshire Party

  1. Chris Whitwood
  2. Mike Jordan
  3. Jack Carrington
  4. Laura-Marie Walker
  5. Bob Buxton
  6. Dan Cochran