Turnout was up by almost 10 percent in this year’s European election in Brighton and Hove, the City Council has confirmed.

46.83% of voters (91,734) in the city voted on May 23rd for who they want to be represented by in the European Parliament for the South East England region.

This was up from 37.93% at the last European election in 2014.

Turnout for the European elections in Brighton and Hove is also up on the local elections earlier this month, with 42.5 percent.

Other cities and regions that voted strongly to Remain in the EU referendum have also seen increases in turnout, but it is still unclear what impact this will have on the final result.

In 2014, the Labour Party won the most votes in the city with 26.8%, followed by the Green Party (24.4%), the Conservatives (20.6%) and UKIP (18.7%).

Results in this year’s election will be declared from 10pm this evening, after the polls close across the rest of the European Union.

South East England, where Brighton and Hove cast their vote for, is due to declare at around 1am tomorrow morning.