Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is the largest party in the European election in the UK, after making wins across the country.

The Brexit Party have won 29 seats, with the Liberal Democrats on 16 and Labour in third with ten.

The Conservatives have been pushed back to fifth place, winning only four seats, with the Green Party winning seven – more than doubling their number of seats.

Although Northern Ireland have not formally declared, it has been confirmed that the nonsectarian Alliance Party have won their first ever seat in the European Parliament, taking the seat from the UUP. The DUP and Sinn Fein have kept their individual seats.

Parties supporting a no deal Brexit and those calling for a People’s Vote are tied with 29 seats each, with parties supporting a negotiated Brexit on 15.

No deal Brexit parties achieved 35.1 percent of the vote, ‘People’s Vote’ parties got 40.7 percent, and ‘Brexit with a deal’ parties won 23.5 percent.

Labour and the Conservatives together have achieved just 23 percent of the vote.

Other than London, where the Liberal Democrats beat Labour in a stunning result, the Brexit Party have won the most votes in every region across England and Wales. In Scotland, the party came second to the SNP. They are now the largest single party in the European Parliament.

Labour suffered a shocking defeat, coming third behind the Brexit Party and Plaid Cymru in Wales. It also looks likely that Labour have won no MEPs in Scotland.

In Islington, home to Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency, Labour were beaten into second by the Liberal Democrats.

The Conservatives have not topped the poll in any council area so far and are currently on only nine percent of the vote – their worst result in a national election since 1832.

More to follow.