The Green Party have won over a third of the vote in Brighton and Hove for the European elections.

35.7 percent of Brighton and Hove voters chose the Greens in the city for the South East England region.

The Liberal Democrats came second with 22.2 percent, with the Brexit Party third with 17.4 percent.

Labour, who formed a new council administration last week, came fourth with just 13 percent.

In the South East, the Brexit Party topped the poll, electing four MEPs including Nigel Farage. Three Liberal Democrats were elected, as well as one Green, one Conservative and one Labour.

Alexandra Phillips, current Mayor of Brighton and Green councillor for Regency, was elected as the region’s only Green MEP. It is not clear whether Philips will resign her position on the council, triggering a by-election in the safe Green ward.

Turnout in Brighton and Hove was up by almost ten percent on 46.8 percent, higher than the local elections earlier this month.

Nationally, the Brexit Party have won the most seats and most votes, with the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party also making gains at the expense of the Conservatives and Labour.

The Greens have also topped the poll in Bristol (South West England) and in Norwich (East of England), both areas that were once eyed by the Greens as target seats for elections in Westminster.