The parade for this year’s Brighton Pride in August will no longer pass the Royal Pavilion, under alterations made to the route.

Rather than walking through the centre of town along North Street, the parade will now head closer to Brighton Station before heading down North Road and continuing on to Preston Park.

Both the start and the end of the route remain the same and still continue to pass by some of the city’s other landmarks, including the i360, St. Peter’s Church and the Angel of Peace.

The changes have been made due to the Council’s Valley Gardens Project, which is creating a new road layout and landscaping around Victoria Gardens.

A map of the new pride parade route: Brighton Pride and Google Maps

A spokesperson for Brighton Pride said that every effort has been made to ensure the new route remains as accessible as possible.

They said: “The new layout is just as accessible as the previous route and we are always mindful of making all our events and sites as fully accessible as possible.”

Organisers anticipate that the parade will revert to its original route for next year’s event.