Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his centre-left Liberal Party has lost its majority in Parliament, after losing 27 seats and almost six percent of the vote.

With almost all results in, the Liberal Party have won 157 seats, short of a majority by 13, with 33 percent of the vote. The Conservative Party, which won a larger share of the vote with 34.4 percent, have won 121 seats – up 22.

In his victory speech, Trudeau said that Canadians had rejected division and negativity in favour of a progressive agenda.

However, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer said that the government had been put “on notice”.

Despite losing almost half their seats, the left-wing National Democratic Party find themselves in the position of kingmakers, and will exert great influence over the Liberal Party’s attempt to pass legislation as a minority government.

In Quebec, the pro-independence Bloc Québécois became the second largest party, winning seats from all three major parties in their best result since 2008. The party won 32 seats in Parliament, making them the third largest party.

The Green Party had its best result in the party’s history, winning three seats in Parliament the votes over one million people.

The right-wing populist People’s Party failed to make a breakthrough, with leader Maxime Bernier losing his seat to the Conservatives by 10 points.