The Conservative Party are set to win the seat of Workington from Labour at the general election in December, according to a recent poll in the constituency.

The Survation poll put the Conservatives on 45 percent, with the Labour vote down almost 20 percent on 2017.

Should the Tories win the seat, it will be the first time they have won in the constituency since a 1976 by-election. However, the party has never won the seat in a general election.

Workington is seen as an example of the type of seat that Boris Johnson needs to win if he is to win an overall majority in the general election on December 12.

The seat, which voted 60 percent to leave, may see Labour leave voters abandoning the party in favour of the Conservatives and the Brexit Party.

On a national level, the Conservatives have a large lead over Labour in the polls, with a strong possibility that they would win an overall majority if an election was held today.