Labour are set to lose 71 seats and have their worst election night since 1935, according to the exit poll published at 10pm.

Labour are projected to win just 191 seats, less than even what Michael Foot achieved in 1983, when Labour won 209 seats.

The Conservatives are expected to win 368 seats, up 50 from 2017; this is the first time an incumbent government has increased its share of the vote at three consecutive elections.

This is the best result for the Conservative Party since 1987 under Margaret Thatcher, when they won 376 seats.

Early estimates are that the Conservatives have won 46 percent of the national vote, to Labour’s 32 percent.

In Scotland, the SNP are set to gain 20 seats to 55, with the Liberal Democrats on a disappointing 13, up only one seat on the last election.

In Wales, Plaid Cymru is down one seat, most likely the seat of Ceredigion.

The Green Party is set to keep Brighton Pavilion and the Brexit Party is projected to win no seats in Parliament.