Brighton’s Green MP and two Labour MPs have been re-elected, but Labour’s Peter Kyle and Lloyd Russell-Moyle saw their majorities reduced amid a drop in the party’s vote share nationally.

Turnout across the city was down by around three percent, but all three of the city’s MPs were re-elected with comfortable margins.

Brighton Pavilion – Green hold

Brighton Pavilion re-elected Caroline Lucas, the country’s only Green MP, with a majority increased on the last election with 57.2 percent and roughly 20,000 votes ahead of Labour.

Labour remained in second place, but with a reduced vote share on just below 23 percent.

The Conservatives came third, and the Brexit Party a distant fourth. UKIP were humiliated after placing behind the Monster Raving Looney Party candidate. The Liberal Democrats did not stand in the seat.

Brighton Kemptown – Labour hold

In Brighton Kemptown, Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle saw off an attempt by the Conservatives to oust him with local councillor Joe Miller. However, Russell-Moyle’s majority was reduced from around 10,000 votes to just over 8,000.

The Conservatives dropped over three percent from 38.3 percent to 35 percent, with the Liberal Democrats third with 6.1 percent.

The Green Party, who had claimed they could win the seat following a good result in the EU elections in Brighton, came fourth.

Hove – Labour hold

Peter Kyle was re-elected with a comfortable, but reduced, majority in Hove with just over 58 percent. The Conservatives placed second, far behind with around 28 percent.

The Liberal Democrats were up four percent in third place, with the Green Party fourth.

Nationally, the Conservatives have won the most seats, with 365 seats, including seats like Great Grimsby, Ashfield and Sedgefield, with Labour on 203.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has already announced his intention to resign before the next general election, and Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has narrowly lost her seat to the SNP.