Both Labour MPs in Brighton are expected to retain their seats, despite the exit poll projecting the worst result for the Labour Party since 1935.

The BBC’s exit poll forecast puts a Labour hold in Brighton Kemptown at 99 percent, with an over 99 percent likelihood of Labour keeping the seat of Hove.

Among one of the first results declared, the former Labour safe seat of Sunderland Central, a swing of almost eight percent from Labour to the Conservatives was seen. Labour retained the seat by only 3,000 votes from over 10,000 at the last election.

Labour are expected to lose former heartlands, including Bolsover, Wrexham, West Bromwich East and Hartlepool.

In Brighton Pavilion, Green MP Caroline Lucas has over a 99 percent chance of keeping her seat, but the party is not projected to make any further gains elsewhere in the country.