The three largest parties are neck and neck as voting closes in Ireland, according an exit poll released in the last few minutes.

The poll of first preference votes, released by RTE at 10pm, puts Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Sinn Féin at a statistical tie, with all three within 0.2 percent of each other.

Fine Gael are narrowly ahead with 22.4 percent, Sinn Féin are second on 22.3 percent and Fiánna Fail in third with 22.2 percent.

However, with the exit poll within the margin of error of 1.3 percent, and with Sinn Féin contesting a smaller number of seats than the other two major parties, the placement of the parties may change.

With the margin of error, support for each of the parties could be as low as 20.7 percent or as high as 23.3 percent.

Among the smaller parties, the Greens are on just shy of 8 percent, Labour on 4.6 percent, Social Democrats on 3.4 percent and Solidarity-People Before Profit on 2.8 percent.

The exit poll, which spoke to over 5,000 people after they cast their vote, also put the all-Ireland anti-abortion Aontú on 1.8 percent and independent candidates on 11.2 percent

Counting of votes and the distribution of seats takes place tomorrow.