Update, 14/03/2020 – Since this article was published, the UK government has announced that elections planned for May have been postponed until next year due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The incumbent Labour mayor of London Sadiq Khan is set for a landslide win in the upcoming mayoral election in May, according to a recent opinion poll.

The YouGov poll, conducted with Queen Mary University of London, put Khan on 49 percent – up from his first round result in the 2016 election.

The Conservative party’s Shaun Bailey placed second in the poll with 24 percent, down a staggering 13 percent from the last election.

In the second round, Khan would beat Bailey two to one – with 67 percent of the vote.

Among the other candidates running for the position, former Tory minister and independent candidate Rory Stewart placed third with 13 percent, the Greens fourth with seven percent, and the Liberal Democrats on four percent.

The Women’s Equality Party leader Mandu Reid scored one percent in the opinion poll.

Should this result play out on May 7th, Khan would have achieved the highest percent of the first round vote since the mayoralty was created in 2000, with the potential for him to win without the need for a runoff within the poll’s margin of error.