Support for the Conservatives, Boris Johnson and his government have plummeted as the scandal over Dominic Cummings’ breach of lockdown rules continues.

The gap between the Tories and Labour in the opinion polls has dropped to just six points – with Labour reaching their highest support for over a year; 38 percent.

If the results of the YouGov poll were mirrored at a general election, the Conservatives’ majority would be reduced to just eight with 329 seats. Labour would gain 37 seats and the SNP would gain seven, but the Liberal Democrats would be reduced to just four seats, according to the projection by Flavible.

In another opinion poll, published by SavantaComRes yesterday, the Prime Minister’s net approval rating had dropped to -1 percent, down by almost 20 percent in just four days. Government net approval also dropped by 16 points to just -2 percent. Meanwhile, Labour leader Keir Starmer currently has a 12 percent net approval rating.

The news gets worse for the government, however. In a poll by JL Partners published in the Daily Mail, two-thirds of Britons now want to see Cummings resign from his role as a senior adviser to the Prime Minister, including a majority of Conservative voters. Four-fifths agree that Cummings broke lockdown rules, with a majority of respondents and Tory voters describing him as arrogant in his press conference performance.

In worrying signs for the Government, only 37 percent of people think Johnson is the best option for Prime Minister, compared with 34 percent for Starmer.

Moreover, respondents also said that the Conservatives do not share their values compared with Labour and are more out of touch than the opposition party.

The latest polling will pile on greater pressure on the Government and the Prime Minister to fire Dominic Cummings to prevent the party haemorrhaging further in the opinion polls.