I’m Daniel Green and I am a former multimedia reporter at Journalism.co.uk and politics enthusiast based in Brighton.

Since graduating from the University of Sussex with an MA in Journalism (Merit, 2018) and BA in History and Politics (2:i, 2016), I have been working to improve my skills as a multimedia journalist through my work at Journalism.co.uk, leading local election coverage at the Brighton Journal and through my blog where I cover politics and international affairs in my spare time.

I have always had a passion for reporting, and at university I served as News Editor and Acting Editor for Sussex’s student newspaper, The Badger. You can see behind the scenes at The Badger in this UniTV (Sussex’s student TV station) video. During my time as Acting Editor, I won an award from the Student Publication Association, for my work editing the publication after the sudden dismissal of the editor. My time at this publication built up my skills in writing, sub-editing, mobile journalism and reporting live from events.

When I’m not writing about the new innovations in the journalism industry, I keep a close eye on events around the world, particularly elections, and often write content related to this on my blog. One article formed part of my postgraduate portfolio, where I reported from the count in Brighton during the 2017 general election.

As well as this, graphics I produced for my blog of the local results of the 2019 European elections featured in Brighton’s local newspaper, The Argus.


Here is a small selection of articles I produced at Journalism.co.uk, including interviews with Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins, CNN’s Richard Quest and The Washington Post’s Dave Jorgenson.

Brighton Journal (2019):

During a short period of work experience at the Brighton Journal, I lead their coverage of the 2019 local elections, creating articles breaking down campaign pledges, interviewing local candidates, local party leaders and the Green MP Caroline Lucas, as well as attending the count.

The Badger:

Here is a small selection of the many articles I wrote during my time at Sussex’s student newspaper.

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